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Personal Affects is all about YOU! To help educate & teach you how to be stronger from the outside in. My focus with my clients is having fun while training your mind & body. Safety is also an important part of my training techniques. I offer a wide array of programs to select from to meet everyones needs!



** About Me ** 

I've been told that my athletic abilities and determination are an inspiration to others without any physical challenges, let alone to other amputees. As a 50+ year old woman, I had the strength to overcome the loss of my limb due to a degenerative tendon that caused a massive infection. I would love to become a major player in the amputee world as a motivator and/or teacher.


** Located Near - Martin Way & Phoenix - Olympia, WA 98506 **

My name is Cindy, I'm a certified personal trainer & fitness coach in Olympia, WA. I've been a personal trainer since 1997 & I am ACE, NASM and Can-Fit-Pro certified, and have many other accreditations. I also became an amputee June 27, 2011, but that has not stopped me. I believe it has actually made me even more aware of the value in what I do for a living. I attribute my effortless recovery to my core/stability training over the past years.

I have many fields of training expertise, including special populations, older adults, and balance and longevity wellness to name a few.

I enjoy working with all age groups, I work with each client individually to help them meet their personal goals.

I have spent the last 16 years working with mostly special needs...

  • Back (post surgery)
  • Preparation for hip and knee surgeries (strengthening exercises)
  • Rehabilitating clients after they were injured (torn rotator cuff & knees, etc...)
  • Seniors who have lost their sense of confidence, balance & mobility

** My Certifications **

          ACE Certified



** My Accreditations & Specialties **

  •      Lifestyle Fitness Coaching 
  •      BALANCE TRAINING (3rd Ed.)
  •      CPR & AED
  •     SrFit Mature Fitness Training Specialty Certification
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** Payments Accepted **

  Cash, or PayPal

** Hours of Operation **

Monday       9am - 4pm

Tuesday       Closed

Wednesday   9am - 4pm

Thursday      Closed

Friday           9am - 4pm

Saturday       Closed

Sunday         Closed

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  • "I am a person with multiple medical issues. Cindy has been able to work with me and my physical limitations and help me become a healthier more able person. She is patient and u..."
  • "Cant reccomend enough Gave me a meal plan that i could use long term, lost 30 pounds in the first few months. Great teacher in the gym too, not only did she teach me how..."
  • "Cindy Asch-Martin is a professional and expert in the ?Fitness Industry? discipline with 2-plus decades of experience and multiple certifications. She is well versed in this ind..."

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