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 I Offer Several Different Types of Personalized Work-Out Programs. 

They are Designed Just For You  :D

Programs Available:

1) Cardiovascular programs that will help lose unwanted body fat while gaining lean muscle mass. 

2) 1 Written Muscle Resistance Program.

3) One-on-One Personal Training Sessions

4) Amputees working with Amputees

5) Virtual Sessions (Web or Phone)

6) Video Library

Some Information Will be Required for The Different Options Available:

 such as

*Use of professional gym equipment (gym membership)

*Home gym with some equipment (what kind of equipment)

*No equipment at all.

Do You Have any of the following Medical Condition:

*High blood pressure 

*knee/Hip Replacements

*Spinal fusions (back or neck)




*When working with the human body you must understand that injury is possible. It is extremly important that all information given is done so to the best of your knowledge.

*That in turn will lead you to a safe and obtainable realistic outcome.

*Packages available at a discounted price!

*Use the "Contact Me" prior to purchase to find out how to get fit & save money!


All 1 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 20 Sessions Program Design Virtual Training Sessions