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Personalized Work-Out Programs Designed For YOU!


If you already have a good knowledge base and are looking to change up your humdrum work-out, then this is a great choice.

You must be able to properly execute the exercises correctly in order to be successful and keep your muscles confused. A great way to overcome boredom, getting a new program every 1-2 months is optional for great results .

*I would need your email so I can send a word doc. You must have Microsoft word on your computer.


Please Include:

* Your age, weight, height, any medical conditions for the program to be safe and accurate.

* You may include pictures of the equipment you use if any.

What is your main goal?


1) Weight loss

2) Weight gain

3) Toning/building

4) Muscle building


*I need to be aware of any medical issues you may have.

Here are some examples:

* High blood pressure

* Knee or hip replacements,

* Spinal fusions (back or neck)

* Obesity

* Diabetes etc…


I will put together one program design in 48 hours.

Please see details Required for a Personalized Program.

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