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Have any one of you been able to get yourself strong bodily since your amputation, or have you been waiting for the perfect time to get up and back at life again?

I asked myself approx. 8 years ago while doing some cardio at the gym in-between clients that if anything was to happen to me physically, like an accident, what I would do. I thought about it for a bit, but then put the thought away.

I am so glad I had the where for all to make my focus as a highly skilled personal trainer to be on stability training. I realized the challenges core training had on not only the body but the mind as well. I knew from my own experience that challenging your body was much more difficult if kept unstable.

One day at the gym I was waiting for a client, so I decided to do what I usually did and that was to grab a Bosu ball and a resist-a-ball or 3 resist-a-balls and do some exercising while waiting. I get antsy, so I very rarely sit still. Members at the gym would watch me and say “that looks pretty easy; I think I’ll give that a go”. They did, and do you know what happened? You got it; they were splatted all over the floor. I looked at them and they looked up at me and said gee, you made it look effortless. For me it had become effortless, only because I continued to find ways to challenge my body regularly. I change things up after things became too easy. I moved on to find other ways to challenge my body, but I am not reckless.

Do you realize that sitting on a piece of gym equipment will not give you true strength; sure you may feel that you are strong because you can push or pull heavy weights while being on a solid surface. But take that solid surface away from you and try it on an uneven surface like a resist-a-ball or a Bosu ball. You will not be able to handle the same amount of weight. However, your body will get much more of a work-out because you are incorporating tons of muscles all at once plus a few extras that you are focusing on such as, chest press to name one.

Have you ever thought about why so many seniors fall and brake their hips or arms? That is because their balance has gradually over time gotten worse. Have you noticed that within the last 20 years there are more seniors in gyms than ever before!

If it were not for my knowledge and the smart choices I made as a professional personal trainer about the importance to the human body to keep it truly healthy inside and out, then I would have had a bad time of it when I became an amputee due to a severe E-coli infection in my left leg.

When the occupational and physical therapist came into my room the day after my amputation and told me they were going to teach me how to stand due to my body being unbalanced, I looked at them and could not hold back the laughter. I told them I was a personal trainer and that core work has been my focus for years, they said prove it. So I did, they had me walk with a walker all around the hospital until they said, you are right, you do not need us. On they went to help someone who did not have their stability about them.

Always think ahead of what could happen, even if you are never in a catastrophic life altering accident, you are bound to grow older and your body will become more fragile with bone loss, muscle loss, gain in body fat etc…

Start putting in place today to help yourself for tomorrow, be prepared and feel confident and comfortable in any case. Even a miss step could have you down on the ground with a broken wrist. Learn to steady yourself with a nice strong and powerful core. You won’t be sorry…trust me, from my 1st hand unexpected experience.

As an active amputee, I got right back to my exercise as soon as I got out of the hospital. There are so many ways we can exercise our bodies while sitting down, or even standing up holding on to a grab bar. You don’t need a leg to stand on or an arm to steady yourself, you just need someone like me to help give you the confidence you need to move forward safely and effectively.

As a professional trainer and an amputee I am switching my focus to helping other amputees regain their lives back. Who has better knowledge of what and how an amputee feels while in a prosthesis or even without having a prosthetic limb?

I have been working with a young woman who became an amputee several years back, she had already been working with a trainer. However, due to her trainer not having the knowledge or the experience training amputees he would not work any part of her lower body. He made her sit on machines just pushing and pulling with her upper body. That is not a productive way to work with an amputee. So far I have made great strides with her; she has become more comfortable with her own abilities. We have been working on building up her confidence while using steps with her prosthetic leg. In a matter of several weeks she has noticed great improvements and is very proud of herself. I also noticed that her leg did not seem to fit well; as she walked she needed to swing out her hip in order for her to take a step, so we talked about her need to see her prosthetist and having a modification done.

Since she moved down to my area, I had her see my prosthetist and he found numerous problems that he was able to address immediately as well as re-cast her for a better fitting socket.

It is due to my experience as a highly trained professional, and most importantly, being an amputee as well that has made everything fall into place for her. I have first-hand experience of what it feels like to wear and not to wear a prosthetic device, as well as what I can feel and what I can’t feel. I know what others in my field can never truly understand. Even if they have worked with amputees for years, they can just go by what they hear but never truly experience or have a true prospective of being an amputee.

My goal is to help as many amputees get over their fears, as well, enable them to regain their lives back to some sense of normalcy or even excel beyond that. There are no limits, it has been proven by many amputees.

Yes, there are a lot of active amputees on this site, which is fantastic! I am here to try to help others that cannot find anyone to help them. Going to gyms can be very intimidating, and PT can only do so much to help you. I am anxious to help anyone who needs help.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I offer a reduced rate to all amputees!

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