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Numerous Programs Available - Including Beginner  - Advanced Personal Training - Personalized Cardio Programs - Nutritional Guidence - Virtual On-Line Sessions  - Video Library  

1.       Effective Training Sessions that Meet Everyone’s Challenges

2.        LifeStyle Fitness Coaching

3.      Cardio Programs Designed for YOU

4.        Nutritional Guidance – Learning & Understanding

5.         Enhancing and Varying Exercises as Progress is Made

6.          Pre and Post Surgery - Knees, Hips, Shoulders etc.

7.          Seniors Exercise - Mobility - Balance

8.          Preparing for Military & Law Enforcement Physicals

9.          Working with Amputees

10.      Flexibility – Assisted Stretching

11.       Virtual On-Line Training

12.       Program Design

13.       Video Library

***Liberty lotions & Tinctures/Lixirs***

If you suffer from Pain, i.e. Low back pain, Chronic pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, (CRPS) Complex regional pain syndrome, Sore muscles after a good work-out & or DOMS (Delayed onset Muscles Soreness), these products are all natural and most importantly it works.

The tinctures/lixir and lotions comes in more than 1 strength.

Here are the links that will take you to their website...from there you can check out their other products.

Infinity Lotion | 4.5 oz | 675mg CBD - Stronger than before!

Liberty Lixir ULTRA 1,000mg | 1oz | CBD Tincture/lixir (pump not dropper)

Liberty Lotion | 1/8oz | CBD Topical - Great for Travel or Trial.

If you type in "personalaffects" in the coupon code area you will also receive an additional discount.

Some of you will think it is too costly, well you are right, it is, but it works. This company only uses the highest quality products, and they do their best to keep the cost down. I have tried numerous other products from dispensaries that don't touch my pain. This one makes my pain manageable unless I am getting electrical shocks continuously. For normal pain this works like a charm.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


** Personal Training 4U Store **

Check out my store, it features different Programs to help meet everyones needs.

Teaching & Educating is aVery Important Factor of Success 

I am a highly trained Professional  Certified Personal Trainer with more than 18 years of expert experience. My accreditations include: The American Council on Exercise (ACE) the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Can-Fit-Pro (Fitness Specialist). I hold specialty certifications in Lifestyle Fitness Coaching, Exercise for Special Populations, Longevity Wellness Specialist,  Improving Balance for Older Adults and Exercise and Arthritis.  I also work with amputees to help give them their confidence and independence back.

I will educate and guide you as you pursue a more uplifting, energizing lifestyle that has you feeling better all year round.

All the commercial ads that inundate us on an everyday basis make it difficult to decide the correct and most efficient ways to manage this new and improved lifestyle. A good understanding of how food and exercise management works, I will help you with the choices that are needed to live a more productive and enjoyable lifestyle. You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot. You just need an experienced CPT to help teach you the fundamentals of a healthier lifestyle. 

My no-nonsense style and tendency to say what I mean to my clients is very well balanced by my gentle delivery. I am convinced that everyone can be physically fit; they just need encouragement, willpower and the strength of a knowledgeable professional gently urging them on. 

            Plus               Plus             





I offer virtual on-line personal training service via webcam. Each session is 30 minutes in duration.  The focus would be on your main concerns, as such weight loss, toning, strengthening, flexibility etc....

These training sessions are meant to assist and help all types of individuals interested in enriching their quality of life.

Depending on your needs and goals, little to no equipment is required. This will make it easier for those who cannot afford the expense of a gym as well as a personal trainer. There are a lot of exercises that do not need a gym in order to gain strength, stability as well as flexibility.

Please provide me with your goals, any medical issues and if you have been exercising previously. The more information you provide me, the better, i.e. cardio, nutrition, etc...

Payment would be accepted in advance through PayPal. The more sessions you purchase the less it would cost.


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  • "Cant reccomend enough Gave me a meal plan that i could use long term, lost 30 pounds in the first few months. Great teacher in the gym too, not only did she teach me how..."
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