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I have been a client of Cindy?s since September 2000 through March 2003 when she announced that she was moving to the USA. During my twice weekly workouts, Cindy has never failed to provide me with challenges, encouragement, variety and motivation.

Cindy is a true professional with regard to scheduling and punctuality. She is always concerned for safety and etiquette in the gym. She is also constantly improving her own knowledge of the body, workouts, nutrition and human nature.

Cindy has taught me by example. She is dedicated to her own fitness and wellness and projects that lifestyle to all of us who have been able to train with her.

Cindy?s focus is always on her client. During our sessions she is constantly checking form and gauging my exertion on every rep. She is not just counting reps, she is working you out to get your goals met.

I have recommended Cindy to several friends whom she has agreed to take on as clients and I know they are equally impressed and more than satisfied with her programs and instruction.

While I wish Cindy all the happiness and joy her new situation will bring, I am certain I will never be able to find another trainer with her dedication and professionalism.

Quotes I am a person with multiple medical issues. Cindy has been able to work with me and my physical limitations and help me become a healthier more able person. She is patient and unfailingly helpful. I can?t recommend her highly enough! Quotes

Quotes Cant reccomend enough Gave me a meal plan that i could use long term, lost 30 pounds in the first few months. Great teacher in the gym too, not only did she teach me how to use everything PROPERLY, but many techniques on how to do thing differently. Fast forward to today and im heathy and cut Thank yoy so much for all youv done!! Quotes

Quotes Cindy Asch-Martin is a professional and expert in the ?Fitness Industry? discipline with 2-plus decades of experience and multiple certifications. She is well versed in this industry and has provided fitness and health consultation services to medical practitioners client referrals, attorneys representing clients on injury litigations, individuals seeking fitness preparedness for joining military and police services; youths wanting to up their fitness conditioning for soccer, baseball, basketball and individuals seeking overall fitness and health conditioning. Fitness, health, exercise, conditioning, nutrition are not just words to Cindy. They are her ?Way-Of-Life?. She lives this day-in and day-out. There are no compromises. She has a slogan that?s repeated time and time again ? ?What you do in-the-gym is minuscule to what you do out-side-the-gym?. Meaning, if you are serious about your health and fitness, a holistic mind-set (exercise and nutrition) will be the prime requirement. Quotes

Quotes Cindy Asch-Martin is a motivated and gifted personal fitness trainer. She is exceedingly knowledgeable in the field of human anatomy and physiology, and stays current in all aspects concerning human exercise, physiology and biochemistry. It is clear that Cindy cares about her clients, and that she also possesses the natural professional "mentality" required to achieve continued positive results. Cindy is competent, she is genuine, and is caring. This kind of personal fitness trainer makes physical training worthwhile and highly productive. She possesses a fine sense of humor, quick wit, and absolute dedication to giving her utmost to every client. In short, I consider Cindy Asch-Martin to be a mature, competent personal fitness trainer, with a "fire for the profession". Quotes
Dr. C. Rouse

Quotes She's essentially given me a new lease on life. My husband of 42 years died in 2011 and while I?d been seeing Cindy once a week to recover from a shoulder and knee injury from a trainer who didn?t know what she was doing (I hadn?t been able to lift my arm and the knee pain was overwhelming, letting it rest for a year didn?t help, so I was feeling pretty discouraged) for awhile before that, I went to twice a week after my initial period of mourning and started to feel my core strength, balance and range of motion improve to a point where I can walk on uneven ground, balance so much better than before. I actually have and can feel muscles now. I?ve never been this fit in my whole life. When I walk up hill with my grand daughters, they are huffing and puffing and I?m not....I LOVE that! Working out with Cindy has been the best investment in my health I could ever make. Quotes

Quotes I chose to do personal training because I appreciate the motivation I get from each session. I like the accountability and support, plus I feel safer knowing someone is paying close attention to what I am doing to minimize risk of injury. Quotes

Quotes My short term goal was to be able to snow-board without any problems for hamstring or knee. Not only did I achieve my goal, but Cindy helped me to recover fully from my injury & strengthen my muscles overall. Cindy has been an excellent motivator for me. I always felt challenged during my sessions. My overall fitness level has increased since I started to work out; my body is stronger & more toned as a result of the personalized weight training. Quotes

Quotes I have worked with Cindy for more than a year. We have concentrated on core body strength as I have problems with keeping my balance. I wish I was independently wealthy and could work with her every day. She never pushes me, but I find that I am so much stronger now. No longer do I have abs of flab! I have many medical issues, and Cindy is very watchful of me to make sure that I don't do anything foolish. I admire her knowledge, her tenacity, her screwy sense of humor, and the way that she can inspire me to keep going even when I don't want to. I am honored to have her as my trainer. She is determined to help me improve myself and I can't imagine ever working with anyone else. Quotes

Quotes Every time I wake up on a training day I admit a part of me groans. I get to Cindy's and we began, my body gets moving, my minds gets going, my senses wake up and by the time I leave I feel like singing. I am able to move better, feel better and I am more awake. Working-out helps me be more aware of my balance, how my body moves and its mechanics. I have felt my stress levels decrease over time with Cindy because Cindy helps me be successful. The reason I work out with Cindy is so when I am challenged I can fall back on my personal experience of success and that enables me to rise to any occasion. Quotes

Quotes I am 87 years old & have had several trainers, once I watched Cindy & her training techniques I asked if she would train me. I have been working out with Cindy for over 7 years now & I can once again tie my own shoes. I believe that my strength is solely due to my work-outs with Cindy. I count on my time spent with Cindy to keep me healthy and on my feet. Quotes