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** Exercise Dos & Don'ts **

There seems to be a lot of chatter about Burpees in the past months.

If you are young with zero medical problems then it may be ok to do every so often. Most of the time I hear people say how much they hate them but do them because they believe it will give them fantastic results. It may, but it will also do damage to your knees and spine, shoulders can be added to the list as well.

We need to understand what things are all about, the pros, the cons and not be lead into things without knowing the ramifications to it. Monkey see monkey do??

We want to keep all joints in our bodies strong and healthy; beating them down all the time is not beneficial at all. The impact on our bodies will be the straw that broke the camel’s back, as they say.

You can challenge your body in ways that will strengthen and tone; you can build muscles, and keep your tendons and ligaments strong and safe.   

When you are do push-ups try incorporating other movements at the same time, it will challenge you in numerous ways. Same goes for planks, there are so many different ways to do the same things but at different levels of difficulty. It is so important that you don’t settle for doing the same thing continuously, change things up. Instead of just adding seconds or minutes to planks, once you have mastered the basic movement then it is time to lift a foot, and then time to add wobbly equipment, Bosu ball or resist-a-balls etc...

We don’t need to brutalize our bodies because some people believe that is the only way. We all have different needs and desires for our bodies. Play safe, but do not coward…

 Take steps that lead you physically and mentally in the direction that is right for You. You need to understand that it can be fun and not grueling, use your common sense, if it doesn’t feel right then stop. Find another way, there is always another, better, safer way to get fit and healthy without hating it.

**Squats & There Benefits**

Each foot width will work different muscles groups of the leg...some work more muscles than others.

As you can see from the color graphics (pictured beside). Squats are an excellent exercise for your legs. Much more efficient than doing leg extensions or ham curls.

Using dumbbells or a barbell rather than the Smith Press will give you much better results.

Squats are what is known as being "multi jointed."

** Low Back ** 
Here are some visual Tips on how to help prevent 
low back injury with exercise **

 ** Fueling Our Bodies with Healthy Choices!  **

** One of Many Healthy Snack Ideas **

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